Instant internal tools from your customer data

Jungo apps sync seamlessly with your CRM and are ready in minutes, not months.
Endlessly flexible so you can make your CRM work your way.

Works with:

Unlock the full potential of your customer data

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Flexible to your workflows

Stop adjusting your workflows to suit your software and build the features you need.

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Enhanced collaboration

Seamlessly add notes, documents, tasks and comments anywhere you need them.

How it works

Build the internal tools you need with your actual customer data in minutes, not months. With instant bi-drectional sync everyone stays on the same page.

Connect your data

Instantly sync your data to Jungo to ensure your apps are always up-to-date. Your data relationships are preserved so you can start building immediately.

Build your interfaces

Effortlessly create tailored user interfaces for your team and customers using our drag-and-drop builder. Deploy apps to update and view your customer data exactly the way you want.

The most productive interface for your team

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Permission-based access

Easily mange what your team can see and do with our best-in-class permissions and roles system.

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Tailored User Interfaces

Purpose-built apps mean your team can complete their work efficiently and without confusion.

Build the functionality you need

Whether it's a specialised onboarding workflow, an internal tool or an app to drive internal processes you can build it with Jungo.

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Customer Onboarding

Take control of what happens after the sale. Automate your onboarding processes and provide a dedicated portal to manage your relationship with your customers.

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Team Access and Workflows

Allow your team to update customer and sales information without needing to navigate your entire CRM. Stop documenting procedures and instead create custom apps that drive the outcomes you expect.

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Data Management Tools

Edit your CRM data like a spreadsheet to create formulas and relationships that give you complete control. Build automations and rules that run your business so you don't have to. Create custom dashboards that provide unparalleled insights into performance

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